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Comic1.jpg (34948 bytes)Volume #2, Issue #1
"Drive-By Heaven"

Written by Will Murray, art by Lee Weeks

Synopsis: A gang of street punks in inner city Detroit steal a 50 caliber machine gun from an army truck and mount it in their convertible, taking drive-by shootings to a new level of carnage. It's up to the Destroyer and Chiun to stop the gang war before the motor city is turned into a battleground.

"Terminal Velocity"
Written by Will Murray, art by Steve Ditko

Synopsis: A series of bizarre murders brings Remo and Chiun to the Empire State Building, where someone is killing with coins hurled at terminal velocity. The Destroyer's life won't be worth a plug nickel when he goes up against a madman who's made murder affordable.

Review: This was not a terribly good issue. The problem continues to be finding a foe that's worthy of Remo and Chiun, and neither of the villains of these stories were. I like Lee Weeks' artwork in the first story, but Steve Ditko's rendering of the pair is crude and unattractive. Both Remo and Chiun seem very stiff and lifeless.


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