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Comic1a.jpg (50013 bytes)Volume #3, Issue #1
"The Terror Master"

Written by Warren Murphy, art by Mike Harris

Synopsis: This issue is adapted from the classic Destroyer #10 Terror Squad, and introduces the first true challenge of Remo's career, Nuihc the evil Master of Sinanju. Dr. Smith orders Remo to investigate a wave of new terrorist activity. Remo quickly discovers that the terrorists were trained at the New York Performers College, so Remo heads to the Big Apple. Remo makes contact with a young woman who is involved with the terrorist groups and follows her to the mysterious teacher. When he breaks in on them, he discovers he is too late and finds nothing but a mysterious note saying that he will meet his fate in the place of dead animals.

Remo meets up with Chiun at their hotel and shows him the note. Chiun understands the significance of the cryptic message and tries to convince Remo to leave America. When Remo refuses, Chiun tells him the story of Master Pot and young Master Pan, who battled to decide which would be the Master of Sinanju in a place filled with the bones of dead animals. Chiun understands that this message is a challenge from his evil nephew Nuihc, who means to kill Remo and become the rightful heir to the secrets of Sinanju.

Remo realizes that the place of dead animals referred to in the note must be the Museum of Natural History and heads there to meet his fate. Meanwhile Chiun goes to prevent the assassination of the President by Nuihc's terrorists. In the museum, Remo battles Nuihc atop a giant stuffed blue whale. Nuihc is older, more powerful, and further along in his training, and he quickly gets the better of Remo. What Nuihc doesn't know is that Remo is the chosen of Shiva, the Destroyer, who manifests and overcomes the renegade. Remo ties Nuihc up and goes to find Chiun, who is rushing to the museum. When they get to the battle site, Nuihc is gone.

Review: This is the finest of the comic series. All the elements come together and provide a rollicking and wild ride. The art is terrific, the action is intense, and there's finally a villain which challenges both Remo and Chiun to their utmost. Find this comic!