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Comic2.jpg (42452 bytes)Volume #3, Issue #2
"Mayhem in the Morgue"

Written by Will Murray, art by Dan Lawlis

Synopsis: This is an original story, which features Chiun's evil nephew Nuihc, and is set between #9 (Terror Squad) and #16 (Oil Slick). Remo is out on an assignment, when he decides to stop for a quick burger. After one bite of the MSG laden beef, Remo drops into a life-threatening coma.

Chiun nurses Remo back to health at Folcroft, but doesn't realize that there is deadly danger lurking the sanitarium grounds. Nuihc is back, and Remo is his target! Nuihc kidnaps the weakened Destroyer and tells Chiun if he doesn't kill his master (Emperor Smith), Nuihc will destroy the Destroyer! Can Chiun overcome the machinations of his evil nephew and rescue Remo and Smith before it's too late?

Review: This was another wonderful issue. It's good to see Chiun featured without Remo for a change. The story also features a wonderful scene of Remo on assignment (which was later used in one of Mr. Murray's regular Destroyer novels). My only complaint is against the Marvel staff in charge of the coloring. They managed to delete from the panel a message Nuihc leaves for Chiun in blood on the wall. Of course, Chiun refers to it several times in the text, and as reader, you have no idea what he's talking about. Corrected versions of the panels were included in Issue #4.