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Comic3.jpg (42733 bytes)Volume #3, Issue #3
"In the Place of the Dead Animals"

Written by Will Murray, art by Gray Morrow

Synopsis: This story follows Destroyer #16 "Oil Slick" almost word for word. The King of Lobynia is assassinated by one of his generals at the command of Nuihc, to bring Remo and Chiun to the country (the King's life is protected by an age old Sinanju promise).

Nuihc uses the resources of the country to draw Remo and Chiun into a trap set in the desert oil fields of Lobynia (the "place of dead animals"). Remo is dropped into a giant oil tank, which begins to fill with the slippery sludge, while Nuihc drops tons of metal debris on Chiun. Unfortunately, Nuihc underestimates both of the pair, who escape his traps and drive him to the top of one of the oil well, which is turned on, blasting the evil master high into the air. He lands with a bone crushing jar and sinks into the oily mess. Later, on the plane back to America, Remo discovers a note which reads "And yet I live. And yet I live. Nuihc". No doubt their paths will cross again.

"Chiun Visits Marvel Comics"
Written by Will Murray, art by Rick Parker

Synopsis: This piece of fluff fills five pages and tells the story of Master Chiun and his efforts to make Marvel Comics do a decent Destroyer comic. If only he had been more successful....

Review: This was a decent issue, if marred by crummy art. I don't know who Gray Morrow is, but I hope he kept his day job. Remo looks fine, but the man can't draw a Korean to save his life. Half the time, Chiun looks like Granny from the old "Beverly Hillbillies" TV show. I wish Marvel could have kept a single artist on the book for the entire run (or at least more than one issue), maybe that would have given it a chance to build an audience.