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Comic4.jpg (51226 bytes)Volume 3, Issue #4
"The Last Dinosaur"

Written by Will Murray, art by Dave Cockrum

Synopsis: Based heavily on Destroyer #92 (or vice-versa), a jungle expedition manages to capture (possibly) the last living Apatosaurus. The expedition is sponsored by Burger Triumph, the King of Cheeseburgers, and the brainchild of Skip King, middle manager with delusions of grandeur. Unfortunately, someone is gunning for the brute, or are they?

The Destroyer becomes involved when Chiun sees the creature on television. Convinced that this monster is actually a dragon, Chiun wants to harvest a bone from the beast, which according to Sinanaju legend, can be brewed into a tea which helps a man to live longer.

The entire scheme turns out to be a plot to sell a once-in-a-lifetime Bronto Burger at $5000.99 each. Unless the Destroyer manages to stop it, the last dinosaur will be nothing but dead meat.

Review: While this has never been one of my favorite stories (neither here, nor the novel), it's done well and one of Marvel's best efforts. The art by Dave Cockrum is top notch, and flows gracefully from panel to panel. The main characters look as I had always envisioned them. I would make an effort to add this book to my collection.


This was the last of the Destroyer Comics.