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Funny Money
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and he moved easily in the predawn darkness of the alley, each movement a quiet, precise, yet quick going forward, gliding past garbage cans and pausing briefly at a locked iron gate.

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The ransom is a computer program developed by NASA for use in unmanned space flights. So complex that it approaches human creativity, the program is virtually useless within a million miles of earth. Who wants it? Why? A mysterious Mr. Gordon does, and he's prepared to pay for it with plates that have been counterfeiting bills so convincing that they could sink the U.S. and world economies...It's a situation that calls for the swift and deadly talents of Remo and Chiun.

Just who is this Mr. Gordon? What is the source of his mysterious powers? And what is his relationship with the brilliant scientist who heads the space research program? The scientist is not only brilliant, she's beautiful, voluptuous...and tired of being loved just for her mind.

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Review: This novel introduces one of my favorite villains, Mr. Gordons, the android-survival machine. It's also and damned good read and keeps you guessing throughout. This novel was a departure for the series, and took quite a chance by introducing such obvious science fiction elements. This is an extremely important book in the series and worth searching for.

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