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Murder Ward
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and the Bay winds out of the Pacific whipped at him with all the fury gathered over the vast stretch of ocean.

15.jpg (15662 bytes)Death Doctors!

They can be more efficient killers than a host of gunmen. They have the opportunity to commit perfect crimes and usually their colleagues will not testify against them. When their patients die, all they do is apologize to the relatives of the deceased and attribute the loss to heart failure--it is true that the heart stops when a person dies, whatever the cause.

It's a profitable occupation, until the wrong person is killed. Then Remo and Chiun are sent in, to find out how--and why--she dies. Chiun doesn't like sick people; he thinks that illness is caused by poor training and lock of moral control. What else can you expect of Westerners with their incredible eating habits? Remo's been in hospitals before--hospitals CURE put him in--and he's even more cynical about medical science.

When Remo faces the deadliest doctor of the all, who exposes him to a rare and usually fatal virus, it's up to Chiun to diagnose the disease. He treats it the only way he knows how--with murder.

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Review: Ho, ho ho! Merry Feast of the Pig! The Spirit of Sinanju says that this is a terrific book! There's more humor and action on every page of this novel than any ten other men's adventure novels. There is so much good here, I don't know where to begin. This book is the one which originates the Sinanju holiday of the Feast of the Pig. We also get a story of Chiun's childhood; Remo poisoned and fighting for his life; and a super-sexy red head with an urge to kill. How could you not love Murder Ward?

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