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Mag2.jpg (31073 bytes)Issue #2 "Golden Rule"
Written by Will Murray, art by Mike Manley.

Synopsis: The second issue is rehash of Destroyer #64, "The Last Alchemist." Meldrum Rust, the CEO of Golden Rule Enterprises manages to locate the legendary Philosopher's Stone, which can change lead into gold. Unfortunately, a side effect of the process (which uses quantities of uranium) also renders the gold radioactive. Undaunted, Rust begins to flood the world's markets with his tainted gold while buying up real gold at rock bottom prices.

The Folcroft Four, CURE's massive computers detect the strange goings-on in the world financial markets and the Destroyer is dispatched to find this last alchemist and put him out of business permanently.

When Chiun and Remo manage to tack down Meldrum Rust, he offers Chiun a bribe of 40 blocks of gold (twice what Chiun had asked for) in exchange for staying out of his affairs. This triggers Chiun's suspicions, because Sinanju had run across the tainted gold before. The gold is sent to Folcroft where Smith discovers the gold's deadly secret. Chiun and Remo return to Golden Rule to deal with Rust, only to be trapped in a vault full of the radioactive riches. Will the Destroyer survive? Do you really have to ask?

Review: I actually like this story better as a comic book than I did as a novel. It flows well and maintains a nice pace. What I liked best about it is it includes the first lesson of Sinanju, the story of Master Yi and the cursed gold. These stories of past masters have always been among my favorite parts of the series, it was nice to see them included here.

Will Murray made a good choice in this series, by taking time in Remo's training. In this story, we are treated to several pages of Sinanju training. It's a wonder Remo survived at all....