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Mag3.jpg (42159 bytes)Issue #3 "How Many Ninjas Does it Take to Screw Up a Light Bulb?"
Written by Will Murray, art by Lee Weeks.

Synopsis: This is a wholly original story, and because of that, probably the best in the entire series. Ninja infest the Pentagon like cockroaches, scurrying about the darkened halls leaving deadly surprises for the inhabitants, and it's up to the Destroyer to exterminate them.

Chiun convinces Remo that even with his meager skills, he can handle a group of Ninja. So Remo, proving that he does indeed never learn, goes off to the Pentagon to stomp the Ninja clan operating within. Remo follows one to a secret meeting of the clan where he sees their unmasked leader, but then is discovered and beaten savagely. He is left for dead under a stack of wooden crates.

When he comes to, Chiun expresses his disgust that Remo couldn't handle a mere half dozen Ninja. Remo describes the battle and mentions the leader didn't wear a mask. Chiun is furious. He tells Remo how the Ninja stole their meager skills from Sinanju, and that the Masters of Sinanju only tolerate their existence so long as they wear masks. He pulls Remo from his hospital bed and drags him back to the Pentagon. There he confronts the thieving Ninja in their lair.

Remo is hard pressed to survive against even one of the killers, but Chiun makes them kill one another by dodging their clumsy blows, without ever once using his hands! Remo finally realizes the true power of the gifts that Chiun is giving him, and the threat of the Ninja is removed for good.

Review: There is no better Destroyer Magazine than this one. The art is fantastic. The story is brilliant. The characterization is dead on. Buy this book now!