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Mag4.jpg (39021 bytes)Issue #4 "Mass Hysteria"
Written by Will Murray, art by Tom Morgan.

Synopsis: A patient is kidnapped from Folcroft for a bizarre experiment, and the Destroyer investigates! The result of the experiment is a 7' tall, blue behemoth with definite hostile intentions.

The blue beast is pumped with enough testosterone to float a battleship, and he's out looking for action. The creature destroys most of downtown Manhattan, while shrugging off shotgun blasts. Chiun decides to take this opportunity to teach Remo a lesson about the value of brute force.

"Tales of Sinanju: How the Thieving Ninja Came to be"
Written by Will Murray, art by Steve Ditko.

Synopsis: Chiun reveals to Remo the true story of the origin of the Ninja, and why they are cursed to forever hide their faces in shame.

Review: Leave it to Marvel to publish "The Destroyer meets the Incredible Hulk." While not the actual Hulk, the villain of this piece is big, blue, super-strong, and really, really angry. This may sound bad, but it actually makes for an enjoyable read. The artwork is good and the story is a great deal of fun. The second story is also well written and fun, but Steve Ditko, one of my least favorite artists, manages to churn out something which looks like a five year olds first attempt with crayons.