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Mag8.jpg (33698 bytes)Issue #8
"America is Worth a Life"

Written by Will Murray, art by Lee Weeks and Bret Blevins.

Synopsis: CURE's database is compromised and the Destroyer has to find out how and by who...or not. Actually, Remo refuses to go, and instead MacCleary investigates instead. Con is captured by the sinister communist agent known only as "Maxwell" and tortured. Remo goes in after him, dodging the many deathtraps left for him, and takes care of CURE's business; leaving a trail of cooling corpses behind. MacCleary's sacrifice of his life to protect America teaches Remo and important lesson, one which shapes all of his future missions. America is worth a life.

Review: This issue is cobbled together from bits of the first book, "Created, the Destroyer". It was time to get rid of MacCleary, while he was an interesting character, his loss means more panel time for Remo, Chiun, and Smith, who are the real stars of the series. This contains my favorite training scene, Remo and Chiun jumping from an airplane and Chiun telling Remo to take off the parachute and "think like a feather."