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Mag9.jpg (44142 bytes)Issue #9 "Dr. Quake"
Written by Will Murray, art by Rik Levins and Chris Ivy.

Synopsis: Someone is making earthquakes; quakes which threaten to turn Las Vegas into beachfront property. That is, unless Remo Williams, the Destroyer can prevent it. As department store owner Remo Blomberg, Remo investigates the secret of the mysterious Dr. Quake, along with those posed by his two voluptuous daughters Jackie and Jill...

Review: This is an adaptation of Destroyer #5 "Dr. Quake". There's a lot less going on here than there was in the novel, but this is still a great read. Everything was really starting to come together in the Destroyer magazine series, which is why, no doubt, it was cancelled.

And that, unfortunately, was the end of the Marvel Magazine series.