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Murder's Shield
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy

His name was Remo and as he stood on the platform high in the darkened tent, he felt that his body was one with the forces of nature and he was the depth of all human strength.

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Because of bureaucratic red tape, political pressure and legalistic loopholes, there are many criminals the police are unable to arrest. Out of frustration, they have formed a small, secret army. This clandestine police force, with the aid of a nationwide computer hookup, is methodically killing those people the law can't reach. It;s scaring hell out of the underworld. And everyone else, right up to the White House!

CURE is called in to eliminate this group before it becomes too powerful; but almost immediately there are problems. Psychological problems. Because Remo Williams, CURE's superweapon, is a former cop. He doesn't like his assignment--he refuses to kill cops. Especially cops doing the same thing he almost the same way.

So it seems to be up to Chiun, the ancient Korean who is his mentor and companion. Can he make the Destroyer destroy the cops? Or will the killer-cop and Remo kill each other? Will Chiun have to do it himself?

The only thing that's sure is that this, the ninth chapter in the amazing annals of the Destroyer, is one of the most exciting and unusual ones yet.

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Review: Murder's Shield is one of the finest Destroyer novels ever written. In particular, I enjoyed the way his past life as a cop was examined and used in this novel. I could understand his refusal to kill other cops and not seeing the difference between what they were doing and what CURE did.

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