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Holy Terror
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo, and he was bored with the lacquered plates flying at his head, the ones with the fanged jaws of a dog inlaid over a calla lily background, the ones that came zipping in, sometimes with a curve or a dip or a hop, sometimes straight for the cranium with enough speed to crack a skull.

19.jpg (12865 bytes)Keep the Faith!

And what a mad, maniacal morality play this caper turns into!

In the past Remo and Chiun have had to deal with every make of charlatan, thug, and assassin. No problem. But a revered, berobed, and bejeweled Indian Holy Man! A certified crazy like Maharaji Gupta Mahesh Dor, the Blissful Master of the International Divine Bliss Mission? Much to be concerned about. Legend has it that if a holy man is harmed within the sacred grounds of Patna, all of India will tremble and the heavens will crack.

Big deal, just another troubleshoot for the boys.

The there is a death in Patna. A tremendous earthquake follows.

The White House is shook up. The CIA and KKK get involved. The TV crews arrive. Hell has broken loose. But Remo and Chiun have barely begun. Things were never like this in ol' Sinanju. Or California.

Oh, yes, some of the faithful depart this earthly vale--the hard way. Remo and Chiun can be so deadly serious.

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Review: Holy Terror is not a book that made a particular impression on me. It just wasn't exciting enough. There wasn't enough danger, sex, or violence; three things that are important to any Destroyer novel. I will say that some of the banter between Chiun and Remo was quite good. You should definitely read Holy Terror, but probably not more than once.

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