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Union Bust
by Richard Sapir
His name was Remo, and he felt mildly sorry for the man who had erected the poorly hidden detection devices outside this elegant Tucson estate.

7.jpg (12458 bytes)United We Fall

The secret birth of a giant transportation super-union controlling all air, train, and truck traffic is about to give the U.S. serious labor pains. A meglomaniacal Local leader plans to take charge and use his awesome new-found might to cripple the country--unless Remo Williams strikes first!

It's the Destroyer's fight, though he didn't pick it. And Deathmaster Chiun's destructive disciple figures the lives of a power-hungry labor boss and his slimeball union goons for the continued preservation of the American way seems a more-than-fair trade!

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Review: Nice cover, huh? I would have rather not displayed any of the "wimpy Remo" covers, but I haven't been able to find early editions of several of the books. Anyway, on to the review.

This book introduces the first supervillain to the Destroyer series, the dreaded Nuihc, evil Master of Sinanju. The nephew of Chiun, who cannot lift a hand against him. It also provides a tight story with tons of action. It's a winner on every level! The only reason it doesn't get five stars is much of the union subject matter has failed to age well. Unions have lost much of their might, and the threat of a super-union seems farfetched and unlikely.

I give Union Bust a button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes).