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Last War Dance
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo, and he had a problem.

17.jpg (11892 bytes)A Blast from the Past!

Well, nearly. The eyes of the world are on Wounded Elk when that small midwestern town finds it has been captured by rampaging Indians who intend to even the score against the palefaces. And what no one--except CURE--knows yet is that just outside the city limits is the United States' biggest and most secret nuclear installation, loaded with enough atomic weapons to blow our galaxy into the next millenium.

CURE--America's most secret government agency--receives an urgent call from a nervous White House caller. Remo and Chiun are needed. It's up to them to make sure that no one tampers with the doomsday stockpile--or tries to blackmail the U.S. with its own atom bombs. The rights of American Indians! That's a whole 'nuther thing!

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Review: Last War Dance is nothing special. Murphy and Sapir have settled into a nice, easy formula for the series by this point. This time around, the villains are the evil Russians; the old-standby for novels set before the fall of the Soviet empire. This time those evil ruskies are trying to ferret out the location of America's only defense against the might of their nuclear weapons, and if they find it, the bombs will fly! Well...the Russian villains just don't work anymore, this book is dated badly, and the Indians don't get the kind of respect in their treatment that they deserve. It's not a bad book, but doesn't hold up in this day and age.

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