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Slave Safari
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and his life was being made miserable by a television programming decision.

12.jpg (12082 bytes)Slave the Last Dance for me

A bevy of Baltimore society debs have been kidnapped, only to mysteriously reappear in the African nation of Busati doing hard labor in an exclusive, government-supported cathouse. It looks as if Busati's top banana, President General Dada "Big Daddy" Obode, has been sticking his fingers where they don't belong, and Washington is fit to be tied!

Remo Williams is no fan of the forced flesh trade. And--if he can pry his mentor, the master Sinanju assassin Chiun, away from his beloved soap operas--the Destroyer is ready to fly straight to the Heart of Darkness for a winner-take-all rumble in the jungle!

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Review: Wow! I'm kind of glad that I was just an innocent little kid back in the 70's. Were race relations really this bad? This book deals with a black man's reverse slavery scheme. He kidnaps rich, white women and transports them back to Africa to serve as sex-slaves for the soldiers of Busati. I enjoyed this book immensely, but its subject matter made me uncomfortable.

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