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Death Sentence
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and the sound of the buzzer snapped him from sleep.

80.jpg (9860 bytes)A mind is a terrible
thing to waste

Remo still had a mind--but it was totally wasted. Someone had ripped his memory out by the roots, and had him by the short hairs. As far as Remo and everyone else was concerned, he was a cop killer locked in a cell on death row. All he could do was chill out until they strapped him into the hot seat.

Where was his boss at CURE, Dr. Harold W. Smith? Out of his job, now taken over by a man who gave rabid ruthlessness a bad name. Where was his master Chiun? Out to lunch, believing Remo was undercover and in control. And where did that leave Remo? Dead out of luck, unless he learned again to do what the Destroyer did best....

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Review: Two great novels in a row! Once again, Remo loses his memory of Sinanju, only this time it is because of a plot to get him out of the way set up by Smith! He's locked on death row, waiting his turn to be fried, with no memory of his past several decades except those planted  by Smith. Could this get any better?!?

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