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The Ultimate Death

by Will Murray, Ric Meyers & James Mullaney
His name was Remo, and all he wanted was the popcorn.

88.jpg (10226 bytes)Warning:
Death is bad for your health

The great health-food movement in America was a victim of fowl play. Folks who had switched from prime beef to pure poultry were winding up dead meat. The country's Chicken King was squawking at the top of his lungs, the flesh-starved citizenry was yelling blue murder, and Remo and Chiun were the only ones to know that a vegetarian vampire was on the loose. But even the indefatigable Destroyer and his omnipotent Oriental mentor did not know how to stop this fiend feasting on cold vengeance and warm blood....

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Review: The Chinese Vampire cult and its nefarious Master are back again. Their goal is the destruction of decadent meat-eaters and revenge against Remo and Chiun. This is a great read, and proves once-and-for-all the importance of keeping your elbow straight when delivering difficult Sinanju blows. The vampires are MUCH more menacing, and the threat even greater than in their first appearance! I want to see this cult again.

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