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Blood Lust
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he wasn't asking for much.

85.jpg (9740 bytes)Arms race to the finish line

Normally Remo didn't care how his evil enemies were armed. The Destroyer cold take on everything from brass knuckles to H-bombs. But now he faced a foe equipped with arms that even he couldn't overcome. For the many arms of the goddess Kali were attached to the most fabulous body in the universe of love. And with Chiun trapped in the spirit world, Remo's flesh turned weak as his iron melted down in the arms of a female who had the fate of the world in her many fiendish hands.

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Review: WOW! They don't get any better than this folks. The only thing that I wish was that Chiun had been around so we could have some scenes between the two, but that would have changed the entire book radically. No, I wish nothing, this one is perfect just the way it is.

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