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Ground Zero
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he was being ignored.

84.jpg (10182 bytes)Where had all the
flower children gone?

What was nifty in the '60s was nasty in the 90s. Hippies were crazed eco-freaks out to save the earth by destroying the square world. And the image of a Haight-Ashbury angel named Sky Bluel played with atomic weaponry instead of love beads. But if the flower children had gone to hell, they met their monstrous match in the mega-mogul of the '80s, Connors "Con" Swindell, who gave the concept of blood money a diabolical new dimension to save his empire of avarice.

Caught between the strike force of self-righteous savagery and the desperate last stand of grab-it-all greed, Remo and Chiun faced the most deadly challenge and shocking climax of their career....

sword.gif (7818 bytes)

Review: You have to read this book. Not because it's especially good, on the contrary, I think it's a throwback to many of the earlier, weaker books. There's no good villain, nothing to really challenge the pair. But something happens which is big, really big! Which makes this an important book to read and sets up what happens in the exciting two-parter which follows.

Ground Zero is kind of a bomb button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes).