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Hostile Takeover
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he held the clusters of varicolored balloons in front of his face as he entered Tallahassee, Florida's State House.

81.jpg (10187 bytes)Batman, move over!

Who was the weird creature wreaking havoc in the closed ranks and secret banks of Wall Street insiders? Why did the money masters who were playing the market like a yo-yo suddenly fear they had more to fear than fear itself? And why the devil was Remo dressing himself in a ratty bearskin and calling himself Bearman?

With the bottom dropping out of stocks...with Chiun busy piling up the gold...with Smith hog-tied by family ties...with the Super Wasps swarming in for the financial feast...the Destroyer had to move fast and kill faster to cross the ticker tape first in a race against the final markdown of America....

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Review: There's a lot of good in this book. We get a glimpse into the childhood of Harold W. Smith which tells more about what makes him tick than anything that's ever been revealed before. Chiun being set up as CEO of a company is hysterical! Remo running around in a ratty Bearman costume protecting and avenging Wall Street is funny, but also more than a little bit goofy. The plot against the U.S. by radical royalists was well done.

I'd give this one button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes).