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Mob Psychology
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he was learning to fly.

87.jpg (9559 bytes)Zap! You're dead!

The Mafia had entered the computer age with a vengeance. The game they were playing went way beyond Pac-Man. They didn't make images vanish from a screen--they made human beings vanish from the earth. With the world's biggest computer company in their pocket, they had the world in their power--and only Remo and Chiun had a swiftly disappearing chance of pulling the plug on this megabyte menace and debugging its satanic system before it programmed the Destroyer himself for destruction....

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Review: This is one of the best Mafia books ever. Even though the typical Mafia thug stereotype was there, this novel had a certain charm. I especially liked how Remo and Chiun overcome the motion detectors protecting the computerized Mafia chieftain.

Mob Psychology is good solid entertainment button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes)button.tif (31554 bytes).