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Arabian Nightmare
by Will Murray
"His name was Remo," Dr. Harold W. Smith said into the dialless cherry-red telephone.

86.jpg (9347 bytes)The Maddas touch

Everything that Maddas Hinsein touched turned to blood as the mad-dog dictator of outlaw Irait pursued his plans of conquest by taking over tiny oil-rich Kuran. Only Remo and Chiun could stop this man who was up to his mustache in gore. But Remo was possessed, slave to his immortal nemesis, the death goddess Kali. And the feeble Chiun was merely a shadow of his former awesome self. Unless CURE's terrific twosome could be restored to their full powers, Maddas Hinsein would turn the whole wold into one....

Arabian Nightmare.

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Review: This book wasn't as good as the previous one. If found many elements to be too silly. I enjoyed General Chiun, but the army using fearful, pink pig costumes to terrify the opposing troops was too much. The scenes with Remo were pretty good, and the emotional reunion scene was handled well. A decent end to the first two-part story.

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