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Kill or CURE
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and he intended to interfere with local government very much.

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When a blabber-mouth bureaucrat reveals CURE's plot to covertly dispose of Florida's corrupt political dead wood, the free press has a field day. The biggest national scandal since the Nixon nastiness is about the necessitate the dismantling of the "Agency That Doesn't Exist." Which means CURE's enforcement arm--which means Remo Williams--must be dismantled as well...permanently!

Deathmaster Chiun's number-one disciple is not looking for an early retirement--especially one six feet under. But if the Destroyer doesn't plug some leaks--and fast!--some government gorilla with a gun is going to plug him!

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Review: This is the first of the "CURE has been discovered and must shut down!" themes. The novel features a humorous look at a political campaign, including the "Sunshine is nicer" slogan of Remo's candidate. This is a fun read with enough sex and action to keep any fan interested.

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