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Killing Time
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy

His name was Remo and he was climbing an electrified fence.

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America's beautiful people are playing follow-the-leader with their latest guru, diet doctor Felix Foxx. As Foxx's disciples are dropping pounds, however, U.S. military leaders are dropping like flies. Coincidence? Maybe. But CURE's been counting casualties, and Remo and Chiun are dispatched to muscle in and settle the score.

They arrive too late at Foxx's fat farm--a fool's paradise where the wealthy go to buy time. And where, it appears, the smart set have been loosing a lot more than cellulite...

Our heroes have stumbled onto an insidious plot--one that's eating away at the very core of Western civilization. And even racing against time, they've got a slim chance of stopping it...

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Review: This is another clunker. Not as bad as Skin Deep [SHUDDER], but not worthy of the name Destroyer. Felix Foxx is a dud as a villain, how can a diet doctor be all that scary? (Other than someone like Richard Simmons, of course.) The whole fountain of youth thing was interesting, but not enough to sustain the novel.

Killing Time rates a score of button.tif (31554 bytes).