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Total Recall
by Warren Murphy
His name was Remo, and people had to be taught that only he could get away with murder.

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It's an ungodly crime. Someone's been leading a stream of kids to their final reward, and the police haven't got a prayer of catching the culprit. Remo and Chiun move in to collar the angel of death, but their revelations are straight out of hell. Someone;s running a drug scam, using juveniles as the principals, then sending them to the Pearly Gates when things get too hot.

All paths lead to an oddball church and the quirky clergyman who leads the flock. Is the strange preacher a saintly man or a holy terror? Remo and Chiun are just acting on faith, but this much is certain: The CURE for multiple murders is bound to be a religious experience.

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Review: This one is too much like #23 Child's Play. Children acting as assassins is nothing new for this series and this book adds nothing to it. It's a rehash of several tired plots (evil priests, drug running plots, evil children, etc.) and not worth bothering with.

Total Recall is one to forget button.tif (31554 bytes).