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Last Drop
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and he was racing a truck. On foot.
And he was winning.

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It's enough to give a drug pusher nightmares: thousands upon thousands of sober citizens are suddenly turning on and dropping out--for free--and the illicit narcotics business has ground to a halt.

Under other circumstances, the pushers' plight would be cause for official celebration. But this time Washington's good and worried. And when the rock-ribbed Harold W. Smith, head of the supersecret agency CURE, knuckles under to the first buzz of his life, it's clearly time for Remo and Chiun to take matters into their own hands. Trouble is, Remo's suffering from a midlife career crisis, and he's flirting with retirement....

With the backbone of America melting into Silly Putty, will the land of the free be transformed into the land of the Lotus-Easters? It;s a loaded question, and the answer lies with an 80-year-old Korean assassin and his rebellious pupil....

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Review: Great book! Coffee achievers being turned into heroin freaks? It could happen, look at all the coffee shops that have opened recently... You don't think that...? Nah. Anyway, plenty of action, good character interplay, and a tight plot make this book a winner.

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