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Encounter Group
by Warren Murphy and Will Murray
His name was Remo and shoes annoyed him.

56.jpg (15879 bytes)Close Encounters

Is it a space odyssey or a spaced-out hoax? The answer isn't clear, but this much is certain: a stranger from a strange land has come to earth and recruited a squadron of space cadets to launch a campaign against America's nuclear arsenal. The gravity of the situation prompts Harold W. Smith, director of the top-secret government agency CURE, to order in Remo and Chiun to blast the scheme out of orbit.

And it should be just a routine assignment for the world's top assassins. Only Chiun believes the alien is fulfilling an ancient legend of Sinanju, and he takes off to join the space colony. And all at once Remo find himself not only at odds with his mentor, but single handedly trying to stave off the war of the worlds!

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Review: This is another poor Destroyer novel. The action wasn't there, the characters weren't right, the author was just going through the motions. As I've said before, I like fantasy and sci-fi elements in my Destroyer novels. What I should have said was I like well done fantasy and sci-fi elements in my Destroyer novels. Skip over Encounter Group unless you're a completist or a glutton for punishment.

Encounter Group encounters loads of hostility button.tif (31554 bytes).