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Dr. Quake
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and he had not read more than one of the geology books shipped to him at the hotel in St. Thomas.

5.jpg (14828 bytes)Who's Fault?

It isn't going to be Remo Williams'--no matter what Dr. Quake or Mother Nature have in store!

Out in California there's a crack in the crust of the earth's skin known as the San Andreas Fault. Every once in a while this crack lets loose with a phenomenon we call an earthquake--and about twice every hundred years it is a giant earth-shaker causing millions of dollars in damage and great loss of life.

But that's Mother Nature!

Enter one geological genius named Forben. He's called "Dr. Quake." Seems he's developed an incredible machine capable of minimizing or stopping tremors and quakes! And, conversely, he and his mad device can accelerate or start earthquakes!

Another of Mother Nature's gifts, Remo Williams, is assigned to see to it that the latter doesn't occur.

It's the quake-makers vs. The Destroyer--a most shattering meeting of force.

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Review: I didn't especially like this book. How could anyone not guess who was behind the earthquakes. Hmmm, let's see... the suspects are a couple of business men, the Mafia, or the mad scientist who's built a machine to control earthquakes, and had his government funding cut! I can only guess that Remo was hit repeatedly in the head by Chiun, right before this book takes place.

On the other hand, there are some nice scenes with Jackie and Jill; Dr. Quake's twin daughters. They help.

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