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Spoils of War
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo and he was flying like a captive god.

45.jpg (19502 bytes)Holy Moses!

The entire U.S. Army is being forced to wage war on its own people by a pontificating tent-preacher and the blonde Venus travelling as his wife. But, saints be praised, Remo and Chiun are of a different persuasion, and their unorthodox tactics leave many a zombie-eyed Christian soldier prostrate on the ground.

Chaplains are dying left and army base appears out of nowhere that answers to a higher authority than even the Pentagon. Agents of CURE postulate that a Mideast power may have created these apocalyptic events, but the facts are cloistered in secrecy. When Remo and Chiun look for answers, there's no room for sacred cows--and that's the gospel truth!

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Review: This book also just kind of spins its wheels. Throughout their careers, Remo and Chiun seem to have fought against more holy men than the Catholic church has saints. Artemis is typical. He isn't much of a threat for the Destroyer, he's more of a dupe. The real villain of this piece, Randy Nooner, is much more interesting. I didn't especially like this book, but it does have its moments.

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