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Skin Deep
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy

His name was Remo, and he was swimming underwater at twenty knots, slackening off his top speed to keep pace with a school of dolphins that had temporarily adopted him.

49.jpg (16699 bytes)Air Raid

Just as world leaders are flocking to New York to discuss world peace, someone takes off with the U.S. Navy's latest super-weapon--a top-secret, atom-armed jet bomber that can escape radar detection. Remo and Chiun launch an investigation, but they;re just winging it...until unexpected turbulence forces them to an uncharted island off the Florida Keys.

Then all at once peril is hovering over their heads, in the form of an ex-Nazi with BLITZKRIEG on his mind. His flights of fancy have the free world taxiing toward disaster, with Remo and Chiun going along for the ride. Under constant attack, our heroes are flying by the seat of their pants. And this time it looks as if even the secrets of Sinanju won't help them land on their feet!

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Review: Gack! This may be the worst Destroyer novel ever written. There's some plot concerning Nazis, lepers, a nuclear bomber, world leaders, and killer sea gulls. Other than that, I can't tell you much, I've blotted this book and its contents from my mind....

What was I talking about? Skin Deep? It must get button.tif (31554 bytes) (and doesn't really deserve it).