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Firing Line
by Warren Murphy
His name was Remo, and the sand that landed on his belly was wet and cold.

41.jpg (16261 bytes)The Fire Next Time

Ruby is too hot to handle, and Remo is ordered to play fireman. But friendship comes first, even to a Master of Sinanju, and Remo is steaming mad. Mad enough, in fact, to walk out.

It's out of the frying pan and into the fire because Chiun, deferring to tradition, refuses to quit CURE. And they both know that soon he could be hot on Remo's tail.

But the heat's really on when Remo meets up with Sparky, a walking Molotov cocktail. New York fire fighters have walked off the job, and an arson gang, with Sparky in tow, had decided to strike while the iron;s hot. Unless they receive the ransom they demand, they'll turn the city into the biggest backyard barbecue in history....

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Review: This was an inspired book. Sparky, the human torch was a tough foe for Remo, and the battle is gripping. Too bad Ruby was gotten rid of. She grew on me over the course of these books, and I hope some future author finds a place for her at a later date. She could hold her own against either Remo, Smith, or Chiun; a rare accomplishment.

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