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Mafia Fix
by Richard Sapir and Warren Murphy
His name was Remo.
He tried very hard not to be bored, as if the threat were very real.

4.jpg (15176 bytes)A Horse Race

That's what it was. The horse was from Turkey. Big horse. Very valuable. Coming into the U.S. from Marseilles. The word had leaded out, a lot of devotees were awaiting the arrival of this splendid white beast.

What kind of horse was this? A beast worth more than its weight in gold? Experts recognized it as diacetylmorphine. Aficionados of the sport called it heroin.

In "nickel" glassine bags the diluted stuff went for $5. Once in a while a few slices would slip into the country--at about $15,000 per slice. Very profitable, very beastly.

But that's small stuff. The race was the big one. Biggest ever. Imagine fifty tons of heroine--four trailer trucks full!

New Jersey was interested. The White House was interested. So was the United Nations. And, of course, the Mafia.

OK, the Destroyer was interested, too. Gonna be one helluva horse race!

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Review: There really isn't anything wrong with this book, other than it shows its age more than most of the other early Destroyers. All of the talk of "Horse" and "Smack" sent me out in search of polyester pants, wide lapels, and disco music. It was just too 70's for me. There aren't many surprises here, but that doesn't make it a bad novel; only a mediocre one.

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