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The Destroyer Graphic Novel

Remogn.jpg (24598 bytes)For Over twenty years the exploits of Remo Williams and Chiun-Master of Sinanju-have entertained millions in their best-selling paperback series and in a major motion picture. Now, for the first time in color, Remo and Chiun return in this hilarious, action-packed collection of stories reprinting the first three issues of The Destoyer magazine.

In "His Name is Remo," sparks fly when Remo and Chiun come together for the first time in this exciting origin story. Then, in "Golden Rule," the Destroyer must defeat a modern alchemist capable of turning lead into gold and destroying the world's economy! In "How Many Ninjas Does It Take To Screw Up A Light Bulb?" Remo and Chiun have to extreminate a horde of Ninjas who have infiltrated the Pentagon. But wait, that's not all! We have included three all new "Tales of Sinanju" stories and an extra feature-"How To Draw Chiun The Marvel Way." The adventures of Remo Williams and Chiun begin here, and will continue to thrill audiences for generations to come!

Review: This is a reprint of the first three issues of the Marvel magazine series, rendered in full color. It's a great way to pick up these wonderful stories in a nice format.