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Mag5.jpg (38860 bytes)Issue #5 "The Fist of Gallah"
Written by Will Murray, art by Lee Weeks and Chris Ivy.

Synopsis: This story is similar to Destroyer #104 "Angry White Mailmen". A Middle Eastern terrorist organization lays its hands on an atomic bomb. Unable to get a conventional delivery system, they install the warhead in a giant super-tank and intend on driving the world's biggest car bomb into downtown Washington D.C. The Destroyer must stand as the immovable object between this irresistible force and our nation's capital.



"Tales of Sinanju: How Remo Came to Sinanju"
Written by Will Murray, art by Don Perlin.

Synopsis: Chiun reveals the secrets of Remo's early training in Sinanju. There are definite discrepancies between Chiun's version of events and reality.

Review: This issue is a rollicking good time! Remo is far enough along in his training that he can actually begin to do some amazing things (more than just being a punching bag for Ninjas). When the story came out, it was timely and a great piece of satire. What's great is it still holds up well.

The backup feature is extremely funny. It's kind of a "He says, she says" showing the way Chiun interprets reality for the Scrolls of Sinanju. The art in this one is terrific! I love the "Tales of Sinanju" features (no matter what the art is generally like) and would readily buy a book of nothing else. This entire issue gets two big thumbs up!