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Ghost in the Machine
by Will Murray
His name was Remo, and he was attending the twentieth reunion of the Francis Wayland Thurston High School, Class of '72.

90.jpg (11698 bytes)The art of the steal

Randal T. Rumpp was the most unbashful billionaire of the 1980s. But the greed decade was dead, and Rumpp was buried in debt. He would wheel-and-deal with the devil to get back on top--but he had to go even lower than that. His last trump card was a fiend who could send the Big Apple into the darkest depths of the earth in a way that made Satan seem sweet. And only Remo and Chiun, aided and infuriated by TV anchorshark, Cheeta Ching, and a willful witch named Delpha, could save the city from going to hell....

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Review: It was an interesting way to bring the villain of "Blue Smoke and Mirrors" back. Unfortunately, it didn't work. I hated all the bits with Cheeta Ching. The witch Delpha was just as bad. And the Donald Trump, I mean Randal T. Rumpp character was both annoying and loathsome. Only the scenes in the book which focused exclusively on Remo and Chiun were worth reading, and they were too few.

Ghost in the Machine was not top ten material button.tif (31554 bytes).