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Feeding Frenzy
By Will Murray
His name was Remo and his favorite movie was still Gunga Din.

94.jpg (9847 bytes)Mmmm, mmmm, bad!

It was a dish to make fast-food freaks eat their hearts out and their heads off. You could cook it quick or swallow it raw. It was cost free, fat free, and fabulously yummy. Of course, some said you had to be bugs to try it, but one taste made you a believer. The trouble was, believers began turning into corpses. That's when Remo and Chiun came in to hunt down the evil ingredient in the murderous munchies, only to run into a famous U.S. Senator whose appetite ran to liquor and ladies, and an exotic beauty who made Chiun her instant enemy and Remo her erotic slave. The Destroyer was in a sexual stranglehold, his Oriental mentor in a huff, and unless they found a way out of the soup, they were both dead meat....

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Review: This was the last of the Signet books. I'm glad that the series changed publishers, it seemed to revitalize the books, since I wasn't all that fond of these last several. Nalini, the Spider Diva was a cool villain. I'd like to see more of them in the future. The rest of the book, however, wasn't as good. I enjoy the series when Remo and Chiun have a foe to fight or a mission to accomplish. Not when they play detective. Remo isn't good at it and it gets so old. Has there ever been a time when the guilty party wasn't evident by chapter three? Everyone in the world can see who the villain must be, except Remo, who thinks with his fists. Don't make Remo think, he's no good at it!

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