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The Color of Fear
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he was on strike.

Copy of 99.jpg (9932 bytes)Red Alert

When a diabolical superfoe acquires a superlaser that uses hypercolor to control emotion, he throws the world into a kaleidoscope of deadly mood swings. CURE goes on red alert.

And if things aren't black enough, a rival nation has seen the mind-blowing potential of beaming mood-altering color from satellites...and rendering entire nations defenseless.

Color them crazy, but Remo and Chiun know they've got to thwart this bizarre color scheme. More than ever before they must rely on their sensory skills honed to razor sharpness--because the Destroyer is going to catch the enemy blindfolded.

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Review: The fine streak continues. This is another excellent Sam Beasley episode which pokes fun at a certain company's forays into France with an amusement park, and their attempt to turn a civil war battle site into a theme park. I found the idea of using colored laser lights to affect people's physical state to be extremely interesting. I guess you could say it was a bright idea.

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