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Cold Warrior
by Will Murray
His name was Remo, and he was trying to order duckling.

91.jpg (11457 bytes)Remo and Chiun
had to cry "Uncle"

For twisted nostalgia buffs, it was a chance to revel again in the bad old days. A new Bay of Pigs invastion had ended in a fresh fiasco. Castro had turned from a bearded buffoon back into a maximum leader--and his counterstrike at Florida set up a nightmare scenario out of the perilous past. Remo and Chiun had to find out who was behind this rerun from hell. Was it Cuban exiles? The Mafia? A maverick CIA? But when the dynamite duo blew through the swarm of suspects, they his a stone wall of shock. For now they knew the name of the most fiendish foe they ever had to destroy: Uncle Sam.

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Review: Cold Warrior introduces one of my favorite new villains to the series; the deadly Sam Beasley. Thawed out, fixed up with the latest in animatronic technology, Beasley is a dynamo! The story is engaging, I especially enjoy the theme park death traps.

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