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Bamboo Dragon
by Mike Newton
His name was Remo, and he reckoned it should be a serious felony for any person weighing upward of three hundred pounds to wear the kind of skintight stretch pants that looked painted on, revealing every dimple, lump and divot on their grotesque derrieres.

108.jpg (11769 bytes)Hot, Moist, Dangerous

Deep in the Malaysian jungle, a group of scientists gets a lethal surprise, and a lone survivor rants about a prehistoric monster who eats men alive.

The survivor dies with bizarre symptoms--and CURE's Dr. Harold Smith wants answers. So Remo, his favorite problem solver, finds himself armed with a brand-new doctorate and joining an international expedition to look for the next Jurassic park.

But things heat up even more in the jungle. Who's to tell what the adventure will be, what with a sexy lady professor, the hidden agenda of expedition members, and the hot breath of something big, dangerous and undreamed of deep in the rain forest's heart.

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Review: Remo eats, drinks, and makes merry, forgetting all his Sinanju training and picking up a whoppin' big gun! He studies for an assignment, is respectful to Smith, and chows down on scambled eggs and other poisons! Who is this really?!? I almost could've accepted this trash if the author had dropped in a note saying this was an early "lost" story. I'd place it between #'s 2 and 3. There is NOTHING good in this book.

Bamboo Dragon sucks. No stars!