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Killer Watts
by James Mullaney

His name was Remo, and he was fighting gravity. And winning.

Killing Machine

What do you get when you cross a maniac with a microwave? An army experiment gone wrong--and a walking power plant with a compulsion to kill.

Complete with optical targeting sensors, capacitors and rechargeable batteries, Elizu Roote has been transformed from a demented army private into a bionic monster whose death zaps are nothing short of...electrifying.

Not even a body trained to the perfection that is Sinanju an withstand a jolt from this human lightning bug. Remo's in a coma and now it's up to Chiun and Dr. Smith to find a way to short out this live wire's lethal charge. ASAP. With death pouring like hellfire from his metal-plated fingertips, Roote just keeps on killing and killing and...

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Review: James Mullaney continues to restock the villain larder, creating another great foe for Remo and Chiun. Roote is a complete psychopath, with power enough to challenge both Masters of Sinanju. My only complaint (and I always have to have one) is the treatment of the sci-fi/alien conspiracy nuts. They were too much the stereotypes.

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