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Misfortune Teller
by James Mullaney
His name was Remo and he was leaving Germany for what he hoped would be the last time in a long, long time.

115.jpg (9732 bytes)Eastern Propaganda
When Chiun watches an infomercial produced by Man Hyung Sun and his cult of Loonies, he revels in the leader's sales pitch about the Sun Source and upcoming conversion of all humanity into Koreans. After all, what could be more divine. Chiun knows he has found a true holy man. Remo knows he has found a true nut.

When the CURE pair thwart assassins at a Loonie mass wedding, Chiun is elevated to hero and close personal friend of Sun--and Remo's just fed up. Especially as CURE ships him to North Korea, where brainwashed American Loonies are dancing to their leader's tune in a gambit of all-out war.

But Korea isn't the only split faction at war. Chiun's had about enough of his pupil's disrespect for the Seer Sun, and the former happy couple is headed for the mother of all battles....

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Review: I was disappointed in this novel. Nothing much happens, and what does occur has been done to death before in the series. Chiun and Remo are pitted against one another by an ancient foe. Will they battle to the death or will they just stumble around in a mediocre book for 348 pages? You be the judge. The true misfortune of Misfortune Teller is the wasted effort and missed opportunities in this novel.

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