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Angry White Mailmen
by Will Murray
His name was Remo, and he had nothing against the Japanese.

104.jpg (9944 bytes)Going Postal

Hell is being hand-delivered in a rash of federal bombings and random massacres by postal employees across the nation. And CURE's Dr. Harold Smith send Remo and Chiun to root out the cause.

The mail carriers, who'd complained they could get no respect, now seem to be competing with the domestic militias to win the horror-and-bloodshed game. They've got a new-and-improved way to deliver death to America's door--until the Destroyer starts biting at their heels.

But deadly momentum propels the master plan of destruction toward its culmination. Death is headed for middle America--and even the Destroyer may be too late to stop an express delivery of doom.

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Review: A group of middle eastern terrorists have joined the Post Office, and are using their position to deliver death! I found this one to drag a bit. It had such a great name, and it was a wonderful idea, but something was missing. The second half of this story is "borrowed" from the Destroyer Magazine, number 5. It worked far better as a comic book story.


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