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Failing Marks
by James Mullaney
His name was Remo and the tenement rooftops of former East Berlin stretched out before him like the sun-bleached surface of some giant concrete checkerboard.

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The losers of World War II and their descendants have carved out their own little slice of heaven in the mountains of Argentina. In this staging area to the Fourth Reich, the promise of the dream reborn dawned as bright as a new German mark. But when the Destroyer's brain was downloaded onto disks, he took the whole matter very personally. That put an end to the whole affair--almost.

Adolf Kluge, the head of the secret organization know as IV, has an eleventh-hour plan that may just refinance the whole sweet dream. He's come into some money: a centuries-old treasure belonging to the venerable house of Sinanju. But then, he isn't aware just how sensitive the Master of Sinanju is regarding this precious metal....

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Review: Another Sinanju treasure hunt and the end of IV! This is a good book, but the absolute best part of the entire novel is the story Bal-Mung, disgraced Master of Sinanju who managed to lose the Nibelungen Hoard. Two thumbs up for this terrific novel that brings to an end the Fatherland Files trilogy. I'm looking forward to the next several novels, which hopefully will bring back some of the Destroyer's greatest foes. Come on everyone, start chanting! We want the Dutchman! We want the Dutchman! We want the Dutchman!

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