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American Obsession
by Alan Philipson
His name was Remo, and he knew he was being stalked.

109.jpg (10595 bytes)Fatted Calves

The new body culture is finally bringing its rewards, thanks to a hormone treatment that rapidly restructures body fat to muscle--all overnight, during a true beauty snooze.

But it's way-out expensive, and only the rich and famous can indulge. After all, what's a thousand bucks a day when the result is a body to die for?

There are some side effects--no pain, no gain! But when innocent people start paying a steep price for the stars' self-improvement regimens, CURE's Dr. Smith sends Remo and Chiun to infiltrate the Lycra crowd and the hallowed halls of the legalized drug trade. Soon their investigation is blocked by a greedy corporation, but the worst challenge is from an army of celebrities--lean, mean products of a killer diet....

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Review: Well, it's better than the last one. Too much time is wasted on big, slavering celebrities and not enough on Remo and Chiun. Read this one, but don't get your hopes up too much.

American Obsession is a disappointment button.tif (31554 bytes).