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Engines of Destruction
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he was test-driving his new wheels under battlefield conditions.

103.jpg (9586 bytes)Riddle of the
Psycho Samurai

It's become the fastest--and surest--way to get from here to eternity. Somebody is playing the railroads like a giant train set, causing high-speed derailments that strew the rails with headless victims from coast to coast. And could the repeated sightings of a ghostly samurai swordsman be fact or mass hysteria?

As the carnage continues unchecked and the body count mounts, Dr. Harold Smith suspects the train terror is merely a decoy for the real target. He sends Remo Williams and Master Chiun to ride the rails, posing as investigators for the Department of Transportation--clearly an equal-opportunity employer who won't discriminate against aging Asians. And now Chiun and Remo get equal opportunity to literally lose their heads over an old enemy....

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Review: I liked this novel quite a bit. Instead of bringing back the "same-old, same-old" bad guy, the "Krahseevah" suit from Blue Smoke and Mirrors and Ghost in the Machine is back, but without the same man inside. In this one, the suit is being used by a modern day ronin to wreck vengence on the United States for crimes against the Nishitsu Corporation. I love the foe who cannot be touched, and this time he's even tougher, with an entire new bag of tricks to confound the Destroyer.

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