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Rain of Terror
by Will Murray
His name was Remo and he couldn't remember ever being in this much trouble before.

75.jpg (9727 bytes)Chicken Little was right!

Well, maybe the sky wasn't falling--but something was falling from the sky. Something that stunned America's scientists, stupefied America's security forces, and sent the new U.S. President miles underground to dodge the hellish hailstorm of unidentified falling objects.

What was this infernal armada of UFOs? And who could stop it as it shattered one city after another? The only answer in America's arsenal was Remo and Chiun--as they shot into action against a mad dictator who stopped at nothing and a smart computer that knew all the answers...including the secret of how to outwit the wise and wily Chiun and destroy the indestructible Destroyer....

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Review: This was a special anniversary edition, according to the cover, and featured a nice introduction by Warren Murphy. I wish I liked the rest of the book as much as the introduction. There was no real danger in this one. The interaction between the main characters was good, in fact, it's rarely better than in Will Murray's books. Unfortunately, the series also needs better villains and more sinister plots.

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