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An Old-Fashioned War
by Richard Sapir
His name was Remo and there was no reason he couldn't handle a simple telephone connection as well as the next guy.

68.jpg (15393 bytes)Something strange was happening--and only Chiun knew what is was

In America, the Indian tribes had united and were delivering crushing blows to the U.S. Army. In the Middle East, the Arabs had regained their martial mastery and were demolishing all who resisted them. In Mongolia, scattered tribesmen had joined together for the first time since Gengis Khan to form a new Golden Horde poised to ravish all the earth.

Something strange was obvoiously happening all over the globe. Remo had no idead what it was, even as he desperately tried to fight it. Chiun knew but wasn't saying, as he got ready to cut a deal and split the world with the fiendish foe behind it all. With Remo and Chiun divided, the whole world was wide open for conquest, and an ancient evil was spawning modern terror. Humanity's greates enemy was now in the driver's seat--and its ultimate nightmare was coming true....

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Review: This is one of my favorites. It ties up the mystery of Sinanju's missing treasure, which has been brewing since #63, and introduces a whole new level of villain; the ancient god. I can't say much more about that without ruining it, but get this book. It's one of the best.

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