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Lost Yesterday
by Richard Sapir and William Murray
His name was Remo and he was learning again.

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POWERESSENCE--the answer to all of humanity's questions. POWERESSENCE--the cult that was sweeping the nation under the direction of the filty rich, ex-science-fiction writer Rubin Dolomo and his sex-tiger wife. POWERESSENCE--which now had put the ultimate brainwashing weapon into the hands of its army of followers and sent them forth to win the hearts and destroy the minds of the people.

Could Remo and Chiun stop this menace before it turned the President into a gibbering idiot and took over the world? How could they...when it had already turned Remo into a zonked-out zombie lost in his own vanished past...and lured Chiun to shift his allegiance from the forces of good to the poweressence of evil...?

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Review: It's time to take away Remo's memory again! In this book, sci-fi hack writer and church ruler L. Ron Hubbard, err, I mean Rubin Dolomo gains control of a liquid which will destroy a person's memory. Remo gets nailed and loses Sinanju. He returns to his old life and old ways, back in Newark! This is a pretty good novel, one of the first five I read. I recommend it!

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